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Local Day Nursery in Hull

We are open

Monday – Friday 7:30am – 18:00pm 51 Weeks per year (Closed Christmas – New Year)

Our Aim is to give your child the best experience of a safe and happy environment in which to thrive as they learn and develop through play.


All of our planned activities guide children through seven important areas of development. Your child will be encouraged to expand their physical development, communication skills, understanding of the world, creative, personal, social and emotional development, maths and literacy.


We work in partnership with Hull city council for early years and are the profile nursery for Hull museums which we visit along with the Ferens art gallery. We also organise many trip for your child including the Library, Farm visits, picnics at the Park and many others.

We also offer swimming lessons with a qualified instructor as we are located in the Nuffield Gym where we also have use of the dance studios and Tennis courts.